Upcoming Courses!

Upcoming Pet Photography Courses

I am thrilled to have partnered up with the Edmonton Humane Society for 2 pet photography courses!!

First up is a beginner course on January 14th aimed at people who just want some basic pointers on how to turn those cute snapshots into photographs! We will cover basic photography tips and tricks, how to work with animals, and  you will get some hands on practice with some test subjects! More information and signup here.

Next is the Advanced Pet Photography full weekend workshop January 16th & 17th. This two day in depth course is perfect for the photographer interested in advancing their skills. The first day of the course will dive into advanced theory and technique, with the ability to practice what you’ve learned in the afternoon with an outdoor portrait shoot with live animals. During the second day of the course, you will have time to discuss your photos, pratice indoor lighting and photography techniques, and end off with an outdoor action shoot with live animals. The course will end with a live shoot demonstration from Darcy and a take home flash drive of the course material. Sign up here 


Right Place, Right Time

Osprey In the Mayan

I recently traveled to Mexico to shoot a Mayan Riviera destination wedding. I was a little bored ans antsy the one day so I decided to grab my camera, 2 lenses, a bottle of water and just go walking down the beach. It was a perfect day. Light fluffy clouds in the sky and the surf gently washing against the coastline. I walked for about 2 miles over sharp jagged rocks and dead reef spotting lovely little fish in the tide pools and the standard fare of pelicans gliding effortlessly inches above the water. I am a huge bird lover and that was my main target of the day. As I came around one point, the jagged coast gave way to this beautiful sandy cove:

Mayan Riviera Beach

Mayan Riviera Beach


As I was scanning the palm trees for birds, I heard a splash in the water. I turned in time to see the biggest Osprey I have ever seen coming up out of the water with a MASSIVE fish clutched in the vice like grip of his talons. I managed to snap this shot as he flew away from me:


Osprey Catch


I thought to myself, ok I missed the amazing image, but at least got something ok. Then the unthinkable happened. As I was looking at this shot on the back of my camera I heard the ear piercing shriek of the Osprey. He has turned and was flying directly at me….I managed to catch these shots of him, and will be forever thankful for being in the right place at the right time!

Osprey Kills Fish Mexican Riviera

Osprey Kills Fish Mexican Riviera

Osprey B &W

Black & White of Osprey With Fish

Osprey Mexico


Osprey Catch


Osprey Hunting



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Archie Comic Photoshoot

Archie & The Gang hit Edmonton

I saw that the Mac Makeup store has a promotion going right now themed after the beloved Archie Comics. It brought mind the wonderful shoot I did in the summer of 2011

My wonderful girlfriend Melissa actually came up with the concept one day as she was looking through her Archie comic collection. I fell in love with the idea and we went to work finding all the elements that could make this project a success!

Casting of course was the key element here. I had all the cast set in my mind using friends and models I have worked with in the past, except for the pivotal character, Archie himself. Social media to the rescue! We put the word out there and low and behold we found the PERFECT Archie.


Next on our list was location. I instantly thought of the 50’s Diner decor at Dadeo New Orleans Diner &  Bar. They were amazingly accommodating and I can’t say enough about how well they treated us!


Archie and the Gang

Now to costuming, hair, and Makeup. We used thrift stores, Value Village, and Goodwill for most items, and had Archie’s and Jughead’s shirt made at a local t-shirt shop. The amazing Kazmetix Makeup Artistry once again worked their magic, even making Jughead’s hat from scratch! Hair styles were ROCKED by the super talented Victoria of Metropolitan Rockabilly Hair Design

IMG_9982 IMG_9857 IMG_9788 IMG_0025 IMG_0009 IMG_9990 IMG_9969 IMG_9926 IMG_9921 IMG_9909 IMG_9902 IMG_9890 IMG_9881 IMG_9873 IMG_9846 IMG_9842 IMG_9835 IMG_9829 IMG_9806 IMG_9799 IMG_9750 IMG_9745 IMG_9708


Concept & Creative Director – Melissa Monz

Archie – Jeff Rivet

Betty – Darcy Dalgleish

Veronica – Danika Wild

Jughead – Cory Jennigs

Reggie – Ty Cusack

Ethel – Jamie Lynn Richard

NB – the feature image was edited by retoucher Falt Photographics

All of these people were an amazing team and I could not have pulled it off without them!

Leanne Shaves her head for Epilepsy

Epilepsy Awareness in Edmonton

Meet Leanne Hughes. She has Epilepsy and she does not allow it to control her life. She has a great husband Chuck, and 3 wonderful little boys. She is part of a program at the University of Alberta to try to discover the root cause of the seizures she suffers. In order to be in this program she is going to have to shave her head for a two year period. She decided to take control and have a little fun at the same time so she dyed her hair the official color of Epilepsy – PURPLE!

She also wanted to include her family as  living with the disease affects everyone in Leann’s life so she brought her three boys to shave her head!!!

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EJ & Samantha

E.J. & Samantha

I had two incredibly gifted athletes in my studio for a figure study session. We wanted to explore a “Strength vs Beauty” type concept. These two were so much fun and we ended up getting some incredible images:



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January Edmonton Pet Portrait Sale

2013 has all the makings of a great year for Darcy Evans Pet Photography!

Edmonton Pet Portrait January Special!

I am going to run a special for the month of January. In studio pet portrait sessions for $50. 45 minute session, up to 2 dogs and 2 people. You will receive a set of proof images that are web ready and 1 unframed 8×10 print of your choice. I will also do an 11×14 canvas of the image of your choice for only $75. I will only be offering 10 of these sessions – your deposit reserves your spot.