Edmonton Street Portrait

Here is a story I would love to share with you all

I was second shooting a wedding and we were doing formals at Louise McKinley park. The main photographer was shooting the bride and groom and I was hanging out doing some shots of the wedding party.

This street gentleman was there just sitting and as we walked by the wedding party steered wide and avoided him with a quiet disdain. I finished shooting the formals and went back to this gentleman and sat down on the bench beside him. He made eye contact and I simply said hello and introduced myself.

A brief 2 minute conversation and I learned his name is Ron, he has been on the street for 25 years, he used to play guitar in a band, but he “was too weak to fight his demons” He is a proud man who loved music and dogs. He allowed me to take his photo so I threw a fresh memory card and snapped 10 frames. Here is my favorite:Edmonton Street Photograph



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