Frequently Asked Questions



  • What type of sessions do you offer?


Please see my Services Available page for all the different services I offer.


  • I want to be in the photos with my pet, what should I wear?


It is best to wear solid colors that contrast any of the animals that will be in the session. For example you would not want to wear a black top if you have an all black dog.


  • Why do you prefer to do in home viewing as opposed to online galleries?


I want to have as many personal interactions with you, my client. I love seeing reactions to the images and I can make any adjustments or answer questions right there in person.


  • Your USB options are “printable to 8×10”. What does this mean and why?


I specialize in larger format artwork for my clients’ homes. Printing large images requires specific editing, knowledge of color management, and professional printing processes. I prefer to ensure that the only images displayed on my clients walls are of the highest quality. I choose to limit the file size of digital images I sell. This simply means that the file size of the non-watermarked images are limited so that they can only be printed up to an 8×10 print. You may print as many 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 images as you would like! Commercial licensing for hi resolution images is always available on a per image basis.