Photos for Sophie

Photos for Sophie

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I am writing today to bring to your attention the story of our sweet puppy Sophie. My girlfriend Melissa and I rescued Sophie through an amazing animal rescue Paws in Need back in April of 2012. She had been found with a number of her brothers and sisters in the dump. We fell in love with her instantly and she was a perfect match to our little family of Melissa, myself, and our 2 year old German Shepherd Samantha. The two girls got along from day one and are inseparable.

After having Sophie for a few months we notice her rear right leg turning in and she was not putting much weight on it. We were referred a Veterinary Clinic by the rescue, so we made and appointment and made the 2 hour drive from Edmonton to have her looked at.

After X-rays and 2 visits they determined she had a luxating patella and a partial torn ACL which would require surgery. We are not medical experts, and the doctor seemed confident in the procedure. We booked the surgery for Sept 15, 2012.

Sophie came home after the surgery and we followed all rehab instructions to the letter. Our two dogs were kept apart unless we were home with them. Sophie had to wear the cone of shame, was confined to no exercise, no walks, was on metacam, vitamins, and calcium supplements for quite sometime.



3 months after surgery, we brought Sophie back to the vet for her scheduled post surgery check. He examined Sophie and informed us the surgery had not worked and she would require another surgery. Again we are not experts and relying one the professional opinions of a certified doctor.

Her second surgery was on Feb 4, 2013. When I went to pick Sophie up on Feb 8, I spoke with the surgeon and he said that the patella had indeed broke loose again, and that the ACL used was too long and had flipped over the front of the kneecap. He re-grooved the patella and shortened the ACL. Once again cone of shame, sedation meds, metacam, no walks, no exercise for another 8 weeks. They sold us a neoprene brace that Sophie HATED, but we made her wear it.

A couple of weeks go by and I notice a 5-6 inch diameter growth/rash under her fur right behind her front right shoulder, and her leg looks to be turned even worse. We called the doctor and made an appointment to get Sophie checked. The vet proceeded to roughly attack the scab area with clippers and ripped right through the very large scab, causing a lot of blood. Turns out it was a large contact BURN from the heating pads they used during surgery recovery.

This week we finally have had enough and brought Sophie to the Granada Veterinary Clinic to see doctor Kim Robertson who was referred to us by several people after hearing Sophie’s story so far. They did a full exam, X-rays and then referred us to doctor Dave Fowler at Guardian Veterinary Centre. Sophie saw him today and he has given us two options:

Option #1
Two more surgeries. The first involves cutting the femur above the knee and rotating below the cut. Allowing that to heal and set, then the second surgery cuts the tibia and another rotation. The surgeon can not give a percentage of success, or a real definitive answer as to the functionality of the leg when finished. Cost to us around $7000

Option #2
Take the leg. Recovery 3-4 weeks and we hope her other back leg holds out. Cost around $3000 at the specialist.

We are so disheartened and sad over the entire ordeal. Sophie is just over 1 year old and has not had any kind of life whatsoever yet. She does not play, can’t go on walks, has been on pain medication on and off for over 6 months straight. She breaks my heart.

We have decided to have her leg amputated. In order to help cover the medical expenses, I have decided to use my photography to raise funds for her. If you are interested in donating, please visit our official Photos for Sophie fundraiser page for details!