Darcy Evans Photography goes to CreativeLIVE

Darcy Evans Photography Goes to CreativeLIVE


Hi everyone, Meep-Mo here!  A little while ago Darcy found out that one of the BEST photography instructional resources around CreativeLIVE was hosting renowned pet photographer and owner of Pet’ographique Arica Dorff to do a 2 day workshop. He was over the moon, it was all he could talk about (so annoying). He got to work immediately on a submission video to try to get selected as a live audience member. Our friend Dave from Second Sight Studio did a fantastic job on the submission video.  A ouple weeks later the submission deadline passed and one day I was napping peacefully on the couch when I was awoken by what sounded like a 8 year old girl when she hears the ice cream truck. It was just Darcy’s reaction to getting a twitter message that he had be selected to attend!!!!

He is a big fan of CreativeLIVE, and obviously pet photography is the main focus of his business now,  so this was a huge deal for him, and for me because I knew I was also Seattle bound!


We arrived at the airport super early because Darcy was just too damned excited to sleep. Darcy of course watched Sue Bryce on CreativeLIVE, while I lounged in some funky furniture then watched the planes…


The plane ride was REALLY bumpy, pretty sure it was just the effects of the shrink ray wearing off.


We took the train into Settle from the airport – what a unique and beautiful city



Darcy can’t read a map to save his life so we ended up getting off the train way too early and had to walk quite a ways to the hotel. Camera was in hand (big surprise ;)) and the walk went by quite quickly. Seattle is a beautiful city with an eclectic mix of old and new. We made it to world famous Pikes place just as it was closing and had a delicious meal right on the wharf beside the ferris wheel.



We headed back the airport and had a pretty good sleep. Darcy wanted to be well rested for his big opportunity. In the morning we woke up bright and early  and headed down the street for a nice breakfast. When we got to the creativeLIVE studio the Line Producer Lacee was right there to greet us and make us feel welcomed and at home. Arica’s delivery of the workshop was nothing short of astounding. I sat the whole time with my eyes just wide open watching her (perhaps my lack of functioning eyelids did not help).


The first day we spent covering pet psychology, how to shoot pets, marketing, the value of doing a consultation, and we observed Arica shoot 7 real life live pet sessions! I was blown away by not only her ability to project her calmness to the animals, but to the human clients as well. Her ability to direct and shoot with a  specific purpose in mind was inspirational. Darcy could not stop hogging the microphone and tormenting Arica with questions and comments. Pretty sure she is gonna file a restraining order.

The second day blew the first day out of the water. If you own any business at all you really should consider purchasing the download of her entire 2 day workshop, I guarantee you will not regret it. Is started with FRUITY PEBBLES! Darcy won’t shut up about it “this has changed my life” “I know what I want to do with my life” “I need to be here in one yea, five years etc” “blah blah blah” … I just tuned him out and went and got a banana, and then a bapple.

We were both a little star struck. Meeting Arica, then hosts Kathy Jakielski and Susan Roderick) who we watch all the time and love! They of course recognized me from such films as Despicable Me, Bannnnnaaannnnnna, and Meep-Mo rules the Universe – later re-titled Despicable Me 2. They all begged me for photos and autographs….


And then this really crazy lady with a funny accent wanted to take a photo with me. I got Darcy to turn around and he almost dropped his camera. Apparently Sue Bryce is some sort of big deal!


Ok Meep-Mo that is quite enough out of you..  sorry folks Darcy here again.

All kidding aside. I can not express how truly grateful I am to have had this experience. CreativeLIVE is such an amazing tool for photographers on its own, but the fact that I was able to attend such a specific workshop on what I want my business to be is just mind boggling. I am so inspired and feel invigorated and now driven to succeed. I can not thank my lovely better half Melissa, all my friends and fans that support me, the team at CreativeLIVe and Arica Dorff for the entire experience.