My Inner Marilyn Project

With the much needed rise in public awareness for mental health issues I would like  to share a small ongoing personal project I am working on. I have called these  “My Inner Marilyn” sessions as a nod to what many consider one of the sexiest women in history, Marilyn Monroe. She was renowned for being brash and unapologetic for her curves and her life. I think being a woman in current society is wrought with challenges, with self esteem being attacked at almost every turn.

What these sessions are is quite simple. I have a supply of plain, ordinary burlap sacs. The participants come and pick up a sac from me, take the sac home and create some sort of outfit from the sac. Participants are encouraged to express whatever they feel they want to with the creation, to be as conservative or as provocative as they would like. This is very much a body positive campaign. I am looking for regular everyday women, all sizes, shapes, races, etc are more that welcome. The women that have participated so far have blown my mind with their creativity, openness and vulnerability.



I currently have an open casting call for women who would like to participate in these sessions.  I would love to hear from you if you are interested.