Best Friends Animal Society Trip

My Trip to Best Friends

I took a few days out of my recent trip to WPPI in Las Vegas to drive to Kanab, Utah and visit Best Friends Animal Society, one of the largest animal rescue / sanctuary organizations in the world. You may recognize them from the popular television show Dogtown on theĀ  National Geographic channel.

This was a life changing experience for me. It really set home for me the difference between rescue and sanctuary. The ability to do amazing things for animals is truly awe inspiring. The available resources that Best Friends offers can restore ones’ faith in humankind. The sanctuary finds homes for over 600 dogs a year on average, and dogs are only a small part of what Best Friends does!



I spent the first day cleaning dishes and parrot cages in their Parrot Gardens.


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After lunch I spent the afternoon with my host and friend Haven, who is a caretaker in Dogtown. We took several dogs out for walks and I took photos of them for the Sanctuary…

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The second day, Haven was on a day off and he took his entire day driving me around the entire sanctuary. We visited every area of Best Friends:




Cat World

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Bunny House

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Angel’s Overlook / Angel’s Rest

Best Friends has two areas dedicated to the remains of those that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. The energy of these places are something that words can not possible describe properly.

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If you ever get the opportunity to volunteer at Best Friends, please do so. It will enrich your life.