My 2015 WPPI Experience

My 2015 WPPI Experience

I recently attended the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas. It is a week long “spring break” for professional photographers. Thousands of photographers from all over the world converge to take part in workshops, classes, shootouts, photowalks, geek talk, gear drool and maybe a little partying….

My focus this year was to learn more of the business side of things. My goal is to take my fledgeling business to the next level and have it provide for my family. I specifically wanted to look at studio management software, backdrop and prop companies, and possible constant light studio solutions. Studio management – there were 5 or 6 companies there, but to be honest the trade show is just too busy to really dive into this really well. Back  drop and prop companies- I took home some awesome catalogs and when finances permit I will be adding some cool options to the studio. Still not convinced constant light will work for the subjects I shoot. I may rent a system to test the performance.


I will have to take some time to name drop a little here. My amazingly talented friend Renee Robyn was actually speaking this year! She spoke several times at the Smug Mug booth, and had her very own first ( but not last) platform class!! If you have not seen her work you need to click here. Renee is partly responsible for me picking up a camera.


I got to attend a workshop with  Nino Batista, an incredible fashion photographer and excellent photography teacher. We had two world class models and worked on mixing ambient light with strobes. Here is an image of mine from the workshop:


I also entered three prints into the WPPI 16×20 print competition this year. I entered the pets category and I am THRILLED to announce my first ever Silver Honors of Excellence awards – 2 of my 3 images were scored at the silver level and were on display for the entire trade show to see!008-3 008-2 008


Walking around the trade show floor, I came around a corner to find one of my favorite suppliers. Simply Color Lab has been amazing to me. Their products are top notch and the customer service is just fantastic! I got to talk to the CEO and COO and they both recognized my name and were very happy to meet me (blush). Then Adam, the CEO turned me around the corner to show me something that I still get goosebumps about, they used one of my images as part of their trade show exhibit! I am humbled and honored.



I have some amazing friends that push me and believe in my work. They go above and beyond introducing me to people and networking me with industry big wigs. I was introduced to the awesome folks at SLR Lounge, who just did a feature on my Poker Dogs shoot, and look for another feature on my work as a whole with them coming soon! If you are into photography at all, sign up – they have a plethora of amazing tutorials, tips, articles etc on photography – and its FREE!!


All in all some amazing connections were made and I am so excited to see what the next year brings!!!!